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IT applications for customers.

GLOOMAN is a company created by telecommunications technicians with over 25 years of experience, which until 2010 were providing their services independently to common customers across the country.
These 7 years experience toguether, working to multinational and national companies endorse GLOOMAN as trustworthy company and with professional commitment.
A new opportunity to improve. The fact that we have worked for common customers over the years, has encouraged us to join in order to offer ourselves as a global, affordable and competitive solution. Unlike the current 'contract' format or 'outsourcing', GLOOMAN adds value commitment and involvement in their performances that very few can offer: the company's us . This commits us personally to always act with quality, economy and efficiency. Directly it depends on each of us the final customer satisfaction and therefore our future as GLOOMAN .
  • Personalized service for each customer.
  • Maintaining customer confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of applicable rules on Telecommunications and Energy.
  • Technicians with specific training and field experience.
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