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We have installed and maintained their equipment since 1997 for operators such as EQUANT, SITA, Orange Business, Telecom Italia, British Telecom, etc...


We use their equipment to check wiring in our facilities. It is a benchmark in field teams. Their Webinars are exceptional.


We are integrators of Telegärtner. We offer 15 years of guarantee on the premises. Our European customers demand their components on the premises.


It is our choice of quality/price in ICT equipment. PROMAX is in constantly evolution to adapt to our field needs.


Since 1997, supplier of pre-assembled cables for networks and computers, with an extensive and increasingly complete offer of passive and active connectivity.


Provider of telecommunication and engineering equipment since 2011. It is a great team and they have provided unconditional support and actively driven our success.


HP COMPAQ is the premier provider of workstations and servers in the large corporations we support.


CCTV is our reference provider since our inception in this sector. Full range of brands of reference and above all, an outstanding after-sales service.


Preferred supplier of our customers in its range of open frames TE7000 and the compact IT Systems RiMatrix S.


Unquestionable supplier for massive cabling solutions, preterminated cables and Ultra High Density panels for Data Center among others.


Since 1997 GOTE has provided constant support in our facilities and its product range has covered the needs of the installer in both quality and price.


Since 1985 we have witnessed the effort of a supplier to adapt and grow at the same time without losing close contact with the customer. Thank you for your help always.


CCTV component developer built into our catalog a few years ago. They offer a high product range at a very competitive price.


Very complete portfolio of connectivity and networking solutions by grouping together a set of brands that cover all the parties involved in a telecommunications project.


Supplier of electrical material recently incorporated into our list of favorites.


ABM REXEL, in full expansion and with a very varied offer of electrical components among others, stands out for its services of support to the installer and financing of projects.


We have been closely involved in the development of a large company since the year 2000 and we rely on its products for small and medium-sized enterprises.


From our experience, an undisputed leader in fixation, protection and isolation. Always first quality.


Reference in distribution of electrical equipment, it has struggled from the outset to adapt to the needs of the market.


If the quality is an imprint in the result of our work, it is thanks to the existence of tools with a very high standard like offered by KNIPEX.


ORANGE BUSINESS is a safe bet of our clients with global coverage. We know their network from the beginning as EQUANT before being included in the group of FRANCE TELECOM.


Since its bigginings, AUTA has provided a fundamental after-sales service for GLOOMAN NETWORKS given the degree of specialty of the installations carried out: Industry, Office Buildings , Special applications.


Undisputed leader in quality, safety and reliability. GLOOMAN NETWORKS relies on MERCEDES for its fleet of vehicles.


The most extensive offer of tools, machinery and a multitude of elements exposed on a large surface to be able to choose and advise against any need.


NACEX official supplier for national transportation of documentation and electronic equipment. A good choice.


In terms of clothing and personal protection, not only offer exceptional quality, but also a design that makes the workwear, almost fashionable.


RENNSTEIG honors the German quality and we can say that they are the most accurate tools. A luxury their tools for avionics.

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